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Ruth's Biography
written by her daughter

Ruth Doyle and grandchildren

My mother Ruth Doyle is one of the most creative persons ever. She was born artistic, and throughout her life has sought many and varied ways to develop her artistic abilities.

As far back as I can remember, she has taught herself, taken lessons, or joined groups in order to learn new means of artistic expression.

In her 20s, she played the accordion, sang, and created two kids.
In her 30s, she learned to play the organ, continued to sing, and raised those two kids.
In her 40s, she learned millinery, began oil painting, and took lessons in ballroom dancing.
In her 50s, she signed up for tap dancing lessons and sculpture.

In her 60s, she joined a kazoo band, took college classes, and painted with acrylics.

In her 70s, she joined a barbershop quartet group, and started painting with watercolors.

In her 80s, she focused on painting with watercolors and continued to receive acknowledgement for her work.
Ruth turned 90 in November of 2008. Her eyesight is failing and she no longer paints, but her easel and paints are up and ready, just in case she should get inspired.

Through it all and into the present, she has loved the fine arts. She has been a lifelong learner in drawing, oil painting, sculpture, acrylic painting, and watercolor -- and she really is good.

Many of her earlier works were signed "
Rooth." Most later ones are signed with her full name, Ruth Doyle.

Welcome to her art gallery. And if you enjoy her art, please
come back again soon as the gallery continues to grow.



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