Dave Doyle


David is 39+ and lives in City scape Boston, MA.

He has three degrees mortarboard from the University of Minnesota:

a bachelor's in mechanical engineering,
a master's in computer science,
and a master's in educational psychology.

Dave has interests galore, and when he has time:

He plays with computers, programs
the database for my
BubbleBlowers.com website,
and runs a server for family domains.

He reads book voraciously (science, science fiction, anything he can get his hands on)

Skinny man with weights He works out.

He takes classes like . . . . . . stained glass


electrical wiring

He enjoys music music (listening, singing, playing piano)

And, he socializes group of people with lots of friends.

Why ??? has been his favorite question since he was two years old.

Here's his
Halloween costume
(and childhood hero)

Pretty well-rounded kid, don't you think?

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last updated 01/10/2009